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The Index Coop is the leading decentralized asset manager in DeFi. We’ve created various established on-chain indexes such as the DeFi Pulse Index ($DPI) and the Metaverse Index ($MVI). Our structured products (i. e. the FLI series) enable you to comfortably leverage assets without liquidation risk.

Think of the Index Coop as an ever-growing platform for DeFi methodologists to land on. Here, everyone can propose their index or structured product idea. If the community approves, we partner up to launch the product. When doing so, our skilled community members take care of the engineering, launch, and distribution side of things. Your role as a methodologist entails....

Become a Methodologist

Create a forum post that outlines your idea and methodology
Engage with community members responding to your post
Move on to DG1 (decision gate 1) forum post; forum members vote on your proposal
When the vote passes, engage with other stakeholders. Now is the time to specify how the product will get built
With the updated and detailed proposal, move on to DG2; $INDEX token holders have a final vote on the proposal
If DG2 passes, your product gets build

Why become a methodologist for Index Coop?

You are helping people to easily, safely and efficiently gain exposure to budding crypto investment themes - and you get well compensated for the value you create.

Methodologists’ enjoy their fee baked into their product idea, such as 0.35% in the case of the DeFi Pulse Index. And as a kicker, 7.5% of $INDEX tokens are being paid out to methodologists over the first 18 months of the Index Coop’s lifetime (more details here).

So, if you’ve got an idea, we have the platform, the multi-skilled global community, capital and network to turn a theoretical concept into a product everyone can buy.

Let’s make it happen!

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