Who we are

Index Coop came together with one mission: To make crypto investing simple for everyone. By bringing together the best resources and brightest heads in the space, we’ve made our vision come true.

Three core elements make us powerful - The Trinity:

A capable, globally distributed community. Our members are skilled crypto-natives and traditional finance professionals, software engineers, product managers, marketing and sales experts, and more. They are based on every continent, from an ever-growing number of countries, backgrounds, and cultures

Expert methodologists These qualified partners work both from within the Index Coop itself and as external contributors. A notable external methodologist is DeFi Pulse - the founder of DPI. Two industry-leading internal methodologists are DarkForestCapital and Verto, who together founded the Metaverse Index.

By leveraging contracts and infrastructure from Set Protocol – a founding partner – we build truly innovative, decentralized index and structured products.

What we do

Index coop captures the upward movement of the crypto space in simple yet powerful investment tools. We offer a broad variety of investment vehicles to individuals and institutions – from token baskets to leveraging. And the best part: All products are easy-to-understand, secure, cost and tax efficient – for crypto natives and newbie, for retail investors and institutional buyers.

Various indexes hold the top tokens of specific crypto themes, such as DeFi or the Metaverse. You can comfortably invest in index tokens for long time horizons without worrying about research and rebalancing.

Structured products (FLI series) help you leverage a collateralized debt position in a hassle-free and efficient way. You profit from minimized transaction costs and risks, while amplifying exposure to promising assets.

Our forum is buzzing with ideas for new products, including fixed income and stable coin products, new thematic indexes and much more. Do you have thoughts you’d like to share? Click here to learn more and to get in touch!

Why we are here

We fundamentally believe that blockchain technology is the greatest innovation of our time. It is set to drastically disrupt and improve industries and the ways people live, work, and play. In the process, enormous opportunity and wealth are created. But unlike with previous revolutions, this time, the upside is available to the broader public instead of just the select few. Historically, the companies shaping our future only went public when much of the value had already accrued. Most of the time, attractive investment opportunities were reserved for entities with the largest capital.

But crypto projects turn things upside down. They issue their tokens - or shares - in the earliest stages. Individuals can choose to invest any large or small sum they want. We at Index Coop are building the future-proof tools that help you navigate this host of new opportunities. And the thing that makes on-chain investment products really a game-changer? Anyone in the World can access them, regardless of wealth, race, religion, gender, or any other attribute. To optimize your long-term exposure to this powerful rising tide, you need nothing but an Ethereum address and a wallet.

Come Join The Community

Say hi on the Discord and forum, and join our passionate community building the future of finance.

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