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We build simple yet powerful index products to help you access crypto investment themes.

Clients hold in our products

DeFi Pulse Index

The DeFi Pulse Index is a capitalization-weighted index that tracks the performance of decentralized financial assets across the market.

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The Ethereum 2x Flexible Leverage Index lets you leverage a collateralized debt position in a safe and efficient index product.

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Metaverse Index

The Metaverse Index is designed to capture the trend of entertainment, sports and business shifting to a virtual environment.

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The Bitcoin 2x Flexible Leverage Index lets you leverage a collateralized debt position in a safe and efficient index product.

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Data Economy Index

The Data Economy Index is an ecosystem of data-based products and services. Disrupting the data monopolies built in Big Tech over the past 20 years.

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Bankless DeFi Innovation Index

The Bankless DeFi Innovation Index focuses on high growth, early stage DeFi projects which are not yet considered “blue chip”.

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Learn about our roadmap and share your feedback

Our forum is buzzing with innovative new index product ideas and we have a new product roadmap stretching out months into the future. Join the forum and share your feedback.

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Use our products to enjoy

Easy access to crypto investment themes
Cost and tax efficient buy and hold
Best-in-class methodologists and technology


The Trinity: Community,
Methodologists & Technology

Index Coop is a decentralized and autonomous asset manager powered by:

A globally distributed community - contributors in every continent and timezone from an ever-growing range of countries
Expert methodologists - partners that are here for the long term and align with our vision, whether external or from within the Index Coop itself
Best-in-class technology - Built on Set Protocol contracts, we can deliver truly innovative decentralized index products like the FLI suite
“Probably one of the most interesting sleeper projects out there to me is $INDEX / @indexcoop.”

DCinvestor / Aftab
Anthony Sassano photo.
“I believe that the DeFi Pulse Index (DPI) will become the benchmark for all of DeFi.”

Anthony Sassano
Kevin Su photo.
“@IndexCoop presents a clear solution with their index products, which de-risk investors, are easy to buy/sell, and are low cost, low maintenance, and tax efficient.”

Kevin Su/ Messari
Lasse Clausen photo.
“Index is the market leader for on-chain ETF-like products and enables any DeFi user to get complex exposure that would be difficult to manually replicate,”
Lasse Clausen/ Founding Partner at 1kx


Explore apps and services you can use with Index Coop products

Earn Yield

Index Coop

Earn INDEX tokens by staking GMI tokens.

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Alpha Homora

Earn leveraged yield in the ETH/DPI Pool by Alpha Homora.

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Earn yield by providing liquidity to the ETH/DPI Pool by Moonswap.

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Track your portfolio performance and buy DeFi Pulse Index in the Zerion app for Desktop, Android & iOS.

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Buy & Sell the DeFi Pulse Index natively in the Argent wallet app for Android & iOS.

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Get exposure to DeFi Pulse Index with this easy to use crypto wallet for Android & iOS.

Explore Dharma

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Crypto is the greatest technological innovation of our age, set to change the way all industries work for the better - democratizing access, increasing transparency, and, most importantly, raising the position of the individual versus the legacy system and its unaccountable institutions.

We’re on a mission to build a globally distributed, community driven and owned asset manager, powering a range of index products which help anyone with a wallet or address gain access to a range of crypto investment themes. We want to help everyone benefit from the rising tide that is crypto innovation.

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